Greg's Plate

In each newsletter there will be a segment called “Greg’s Plate”. Greg, a multifaceted creative man who lives passionately, will bring to our attention other aspects and layers that will show us how to live life fully.  Using a broader brush Greg will share some of his life passions which he calls his ‘plate’.

Greg believes that we are all here to risk and be deeply involved in life.  In order to do that ,we need to be multi-dimensional and not allow our life to be a ritual day in and day out.  A more in-depth history of that which Greg brings to us by way of his life experiences will be available on my website on his page “Greg’s Plate”

In the meantime a brief synopsis of what he has on his "plate” for us and will address for us from time to time.

Tips and recipes for taste and presentation for us passionate foodies

Success in gardening from seeds to greenhouse experiences

The challenges of the computer age and solutions

The fun of scuba diving


In any given newsletter one area or all may be addressed.