What is a Passionate Life and What it is Not

Time and time again I am asked about what I mean when I encourage people to live a full and Passionate Life.  Often the people asking do not know what a Passionate Life would look like for them.  There is a tendency is to visualize a passionate life with too narrow a frame.  Such as a Hollywood screen version or on the other hand elevate it to such an unreachable standard that it appears to be out of ordinary grasp.

A fully lived life may have its fair share of romance and eroticism, but it is so much more. My work addresses all that it can be, as well as how to process and free up from many of the universal obstacles that stop us... Sometimes a first step towards attaining what we desire is through the back door of knowing for sure, what we do not want. My focus is on the importance of knowing what we do not want.

Why then do I send you in the direction of what you do not want?  A necessary and important step is  to stop and reflect on what is really going on .When we stop the busyness,   patterns of behavior that prevent a deeper relationship to self, we may not like what we find, but therein lies our truth.  Frequently when we stop, we find a low hum of negativity that we need to become aware of, in order to resolve.  We find that it is constant and powerful enough to keep us distressed. Layers of negativity go around in the vapors of our mind, until we are stop and become aware of how much of the heavy energy we are carrying. Until we stop, resolve and release what we do not want, it will be almost impossible to know and have what we really want.

Sometimes we keep that which is most important, so tucked away that we do not know what it is. While closed off from knowing ourselves, we are unable begin our journey into a larger more expansive life?  Early in life, the habit of pushing down feelings is formed in order to be more acceptable to others, and not disappoint them. It may not have been safe to express or expect others to help with our feelings and confusions. In the process of suppressing parts of self that we believed undesirable for some reason, we became a mystery to ourselves.

Are you willing to go deep within to excavate the hidden parts of self?  What is hidden and split off is not available to us, and leaves us with the feeling that something is missing; and so it is. My work shows you how to unearth what is suppressed  and reclaim  your unknown parts .Doing so allows you  to get to know the whole self ,discovering as you go along what you really want and do not want in life .Let go of judgment and resistance to whatever you  find.   In being open to know all that is within, you are able to disarm the unconscious and start your journey into wholeness

A spiritual teacher once told me that to evolve on the spiritual path; we have to have an authentic self to surrender. This is also true when you start getting clear on what you want in your life and what you do not. Essentially, you have to know your core self in order to proceed.

We spend time whining, complaining, judging and talking about what we do not want however we do not define it write it down and let what is superfluous go. We keep feeding the negative with revolving thoughts that are of the same ilk.

A word of caution here: A Passionate Life is not one that is planned. Rarely does passion come out of the studious application of joining the right schools, clubs, or marrying the right person.  I have worked with clients who checked all of the right boxes, and found themselves at midlife in terrible distress wondering why they are so unhappy, or living lives that are flat lined...Frequently, the refrain is, why me?  I have done or tried to do all the “right” things.  The problem is in the question.  Too much planning as well as attention paid to what other people think you should do in regards to your life.

Move towards knowing yourself with curiosity and kindness and you will be more able to honor all that you find  As a result of your risking you will be more likely to have a full life, an authentic life, a full and passionate life.

So stop and reflect, start where you are, accept what you find and know that no day is better than today!!