Passionate Living Newsletter - Spring 2015

Hello, I’m Laura B. Young

Welcome to my Newsletter “Passionate Living.”

A Newsletter for those who dare to want the fullest life possible:

“But where was I to start? The world is so vast; I shall start with the country I know best, my own. But my country is so very large.  I had better start with my town.  But my town, too, is large. I had best start with my street. No: my home. No: my family. Never mind, I shall start with myself.” - Elis Wiesel, Souls on Fire, 1973

Spring Forward: Another Chance

Let go of winter’s grip and allow spring to open your heart to new possibilities. “To everything there is a season…” (Ecclesiastes)    Is spring your season?  For some of us, New Year’s resolutions have grown cold, because the timing was not right, and our seeds of change had to germinate for a while longer in darkness

The poet, David Whyte says the time involved from the beginning of change, until it expresses in the external, can take a few years. I remember some major changes in my life germinating much longer than a few years. But then, I am a turtle, not the hare, as my idealized self would like to be.

I heard a spiritual teacher use the analogy of a rose beneath the snow, as she talked about our thresholds of change. She compared the slow hidden, inner preparation of the rose becoming the miracle that arrives in season, full of beauty to dazzle externally. We too are like the rose. Much growing goes on internally before it shows up in our lives.

Some changes however are upon us with swiftness whereby we have no time to choose, we have to go into survival mode. There are beginnings that seem to have a mind of their own. Also there are some people who do not seem to struggle with stepping into new opportunities as most of us do. Start anyway you can; there will be fears, hesitancies, self reproach, and you will waver. Be kind to yourself throughout the process.

All beginnings are an opportunity to journey within, and write a new chapter in your life.  It is time to stop if for just a few moments, start a journal and write down your reflections, hopes, as well as your dreams.  Reflect on your yearnings, as well as your longings that get tucked away (until there is time).  As you journal ask yourself some of the following questions.

  • Who am I now?
  • What do I like?
  • What do I want my life to be like now?  (You are not the person you were 10 years ago, so what worked then will not necessarily bring fulfillment now).
  • What do I need to let go of?
  • What do I want to include in my life?
  • Do I feel worthy of a life of abundance?
  • Do I believe I can create a more meaningful life?
  • Time for reflection is necessary for a deeper knowing of self to occur. This in turn facilitates the energy and courage, necessary for the change we desire.

Wanting to change is not enough, relying on will power is not enough.

So what gets in our way?

There is an old Irish saying which equates the first step as being so important, it is likened to being half done. For most of us just showing up is a most important feat.  

Not knowing ourselves at a deep level is a major impediment to our risking change. Without this knowing we are unaware of the emotional triggers that keep us stuck and repeating our negative experiences.  Change takes time, it requires being realistic.  It takes planning, and making decisions regarding a positive replacement for that which you want to extinguish. 

Information, tips, tools, strategies and boundless support are offered in my work, Journey into a Passionate Life; to help you stay on your journey, make course corrections as is necessary. It is possible for you to have more abundance in every area of your life starting now!  Accept slip ups, they are bound to happen, forgive yourself, and start again.  Take baby steps.

Blessings, Laura

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