Just One More Thing

The year is ending,
a moment of reflection
turned “just one more thing”
upside down:
the story I had knitted
started dropping stitches.  LBY

Did you ever see the “Colombo” Series?   Peter Falk played Lt. Colombo; in a homicide detective series, now a rerun. His character full of quirks and tics, always looking disheveled. He wore a uniform of shabby clothes, under a rumpled raincoat, often chomping on a cigar. His outward appearance which disarmed suspects hid an awesome brilliance, unappreciated by people who got caught up in his outer image.  

Appearing to have accepted the murderer’s alibis, you could feel relief from the accused, as in “I’m glad that’s over”. Colombo, however going out the door; would pause and turn around seemingly distracted, and say “just one more thing”. That question would inevitably turn all assumptions upside down. Everything that seemed to fit neatly into the end of an accepted story: unraveled.

If you are attempting to tie up another year with a neat little bow as something finished: if you are in a” let’s move on” frame of mind. … just one more thing!

Allow yourself a pause to experience the Season with the love, wonder and the sacredness inherent in all of the twelve days of Christmas and beyond. Accept Hanukkah as the profound spiritual experience that it is meant to be,  Give yourselves permission to stop reflect and take in the true meaning of the Season, no matter what  your Spiritual Practice. In turn reflect on your year.

Have you reflected?

Who are you now?

Aware or not: you have changed since the beginning of 2017 and you are on a continuum of change. (For many, most of this shift has been going on underground, like that of a rose beneath the snow readying itself for a show. Will you reflect on the rose that you are, to notice what you have actively pursued as well as what has been germinating readying you for the forward thrust?)

You cannot go back:  how to press forward?

Like the chambered nautilus, (The nautilus always expands; it never goes back to the old chambers). you have accumulatively increased your personal power, whether you know it or not Nail your courage to the sticking place and cross that threshold that you have delayed, to make space like the nautilus, for a new chamber.

This year is the result of your most predominant thoughts and feelings and behaviors.  Next year will be a continuum of this year. If this year brought you happiness and fulfillment there is no need to change.

Don’t wait for a personal tsunami to turn your world upside down to make a course correction. Don’t wait until next year to reflect and start. The only time you have is right here, right now. All of your history has brought you to this perfect time and place

There are people who will never forget this Year!

Personal tsunamis can happen in an instant. Maybe not this year but each one of us has a story, a threshold of change that came swiftly, ready or not.

A couple, with longstanding marital problems, pleased with their progress; were planning a second honeymoon.  The wife found herself singing in the shower for the first time in years. A few days later she found a lump in her breast. She will never forget this year.

Arthur, who lives alone, disappointed, sad and lonely after a divorce, more or less hibernates except for work. He uses the top of his stove for filing his paperwork: a metaphor for how he is living his life right now... At his office, the phone rings and he hears the voice is of a woman he has never forgotten. She tells him she is moving to the area and asks if he will meet her for dinner. The call takes his breath away. An unexpected nudge out of loneliness is happening. He will never forget this call.

A mother, 10 years after her only son was killed in a traffic accident, finally came to address her grief. As she struggled to describe the dreaded 2 am. phone call of 10 years earlier, her body shook as if it were yesterday.

A little nursery, where I bought plants and flowers was obliterated by a tornado this year and with it, the owners’ life savings and dreams of expansion. They will never forget.

My first encounter with swift and irreversible change came at the age of 8, when my 33 year old father died from a heart attack, on a fiercely cold January day. The ground beneath me buckled and never felt solid again for many years. There were 6 children and a sick mother. We were placed in an orphanage, hoping her health would improve. It didn’t improve.

If this year has been one of illness or heartache, know this too will change, and change you. The pain of grief, fear and despair creates a space for an inner deepening to occur. The mercy in deep pain is that it allows an opportunity to actually thread the eye of the needle and be propelled into a higher level of consciousness.

Cast a vigilant eye over this year and your life as it is now. Where has it become stagnant? Where do you need healing? The risk you take to grow will bring you peace and rewards that others may deem magical.

Blessings to each and every one:


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