January 2018

You Must Use Orange and Red

And now let us welcome the New Year full of things that have never been –Rilke.

There will be days when you have great hunger for your soul’s desire and move towards it with a directness that may surprise you.

Then the “not so much days” when the old familiar of discouragement and doubt slyly seep in to feed the hesitancy... Nothing seems to be going on, however more is happening than you realize and critical to your growth.  Just like an herb, you do not pull on it to see if it’s rooting or growing. The temporary darkness of the soil is needed to germinate, to establish a solid foundation from which to catapult itself through the soil into the fullness of life. In life, as in nature, all change is accumulative, and constant. Reframe the “not so much” days...

If you are being beckoned into a more expansive, abundant life, you too, just like the herb, must plant the desire (the seed), water it (determination), and give it time for germination, until the sun beckons (motivation) it into life (fruition).

It’s a good thing for us busy bees that so many of our traditions and special days were created at a time when the creators moved at a slower pace. The current culture of activity creates a need for well established times of reflection and spiritual focus. They provide us with a much needed pause to recognize that a new threshold is ready for crossing.

As you cross this threshold, are you ready to receive the gift of knowing how incredible you truly are and how abundant your life can be?  The offering is always there however sometimes we have to pause to receive. It is risky in a sense because once you know consciously and unconsciously that “you are enough”: what are you going to do with the power that it brings? It is a responsibility is it not? But I digress.

A New Year … full of things that have never been and we get an opportunity to be in the middle of all of that.  A merciful do over, a chance to make a course correction, to create a way of life that has never been.

It is a given that we all need to make external changes.  More important are the internal shifts necessary to grasp more of the bigger picture to realize that the only way to self discovery and out of our boxes is through, not around or by avoidance but through. Through courageous ones: through the messy stuff that we’d rather avoid.

There is always another threshold waiting to be crossed and if we don’t tack our desire and courage to the sticking place it will be there haunting us, often late at night. Waiting, waiting for us to take a genuine risk: no half hearted wishes or I’ll try, or until or maybe, waiting for a genuine Yes!

If we attempt to skip over, sidestep what we know in our essence that we have to do, the obstacles keep showing up in one form or another until we face it, or have a health crisis. None  are exempt.

The greatest challenge is to muster up the determination to actually begin. Every fiber of our being conspires to keep us boxed in an illusion of safety.

Wanting a more meaningful life right now, and taking the first step, or starting the journey are two different things.

"We're already in the New Age she said.
What does that mean? I said.
It means we can stop waiting
& start living, she said.
But after she left, I still waited a little more time
just to be safe".

(Brian Andreas, Traveling Light)

Be patient with yourself if you cannot run through open door right away and practice having compassion for the weaknesses of others. Have you ever noticed that when you are discouraged with your own sins of commission or omission, there is a tendency to be more judgmental and impatient with those around us? It is a time to be ‘mindful’ not only of what is going on with us, but knowing there is valuable feedback in how we treat others.

Our germinating time may start as confusion and murmurings, or flashes of insight while sensing deep within, that something important is going on. In the middle of our process there is often a long slough that tests our courage, patience and resilience. We wrestle with discouragement and wonder why we took such a risk. Keep going! Keep going! Nothing stays the same!

You will find that all risk taken in the name of personal growth and a more authentic life pays off two hundred fold. Actually the benefits of incredible changes taking place are impossible to measure.

Go through the open door of 2018:  Step over the Threshold to receive your Blessings, and know that “you are enough”.

Mindful Living Corner

“All the World is a Stage”... Is it time to change some of the players?

Years past a group of us, would start the New Year in retreat... We shared what we were inviting into our lives that year and what we needed to let go off.

A good friend said; “Laura don’t shuffle the same players around your stage this year”. She suggested I make room for new players to come into my life: to release old players to move on to their destiny. She was correct, it needed to be done.

Although true, there was a glitch inside when I heard her. I was hanging on to a few familiar but outgrown relationships, one in particular.  I feared starting over, or tackling yet another pattern that was holding me back, weighing heavily and preventing joy.

So as you look through the open door of 2018 who and what do you see on your stage?

Of course there are relationships that cannot be moved off your stage totally, such as family members, you may have to keep, even if they are toxic. You can however, learn where to position them on your stage, giving yourself more space from their negative energy.

You may feel like you are starting a lonely voyage into the unknown. What I have found although distressful, one is never as alone as we fear, when risk change.

The moment one definitely commits oneself,
Then providence moves too. A whole stream
Of events issues from the decision, raising in
One’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents,
Meetings and material assistances, which no
Man could have dreamt would have come his Way. (W.H.Murray)

Besides the players on your stage, are you honoring the most important relationship of all? The one that you have with yourself?  Are you honoring your dreams, your desires, and your creativity? Reflect on your yearnings, as well as your longings that get tucked away until there is time.  Journal and ask yourself some of the following questions.

Who am I now?

  • What do I want my life to be like now, or 6 months from now? (You are not the person you were 10 years ago, so what worked then may not bring fulfillment now).
  • What do I need to include in my life, or let go of?
  • Do I feel worthy of a life of abundance?
  • Do I believe I can create such a life?

Take time for reflection now! It is absolutely necessary for a deeper knowing of self to occur. This in turn facilitates the energy and courage, necessary for the abundance that we desire.

All the Best