Do You Listen to the Night Messenger?

(The Power of your Dreams)

Frequently clients will tell me that they have had nightmares lately, and were very happy to wake up and know that it wasn’t real life.  When I ask them if they wrote the dream down or spent any time reflecting on its contents, the usual response is NO. I believe that by ignoring the contents of dreams, especially recurrent dreams or nightmares we cut ourselves off from a rich tapestry of information that is most helpful and revealing,, especially at times of major life decisions.

At important junctures of change in life, when it is time to cross another threshold, and I am doing my usual dance of fear, I have a recurrent dream.

The dream goes something like this: I am travelling and my purse that I snapped shut with all of my money and identifying papers is either lost or stolen. Reflect a minute on what we carry in our purses that we hold near and dear. Much of what is in there identifies us, represents who we think we are; a sense of self at this point in our lives.  When I reflect on the meaning of the dream; the messenger of the night tells me that I am holding on too tight to old ways, also that I need to embrace change, and my expand my frame of reference, more, now!  Not next year.

The message has a sense of urgency to it. In the dream, I usually panic, experience tightness in my body and an overwhelming feeling of fear and helplessness about what to do.  In real life when push comes to shove, I feel panicky, tightness in my body, and feelings of overwhelm.

So what is different you may ask? If we do not attend to issues when they arrive in real life, dreams will, to get our attention, present us with exaggerated symbols of what we go through when we fear serious change and the unknown.

Dreams are powerful teachers using drama to stop us in our tracks, and give us a picture of something that we are hiding in our unconscious, especially if we have not been paying attention all along. Dreams, especially nightmares, give such dramatic visuals that we cannot ignore them.  What I know for sure is, when I have the above recurrent dream, it is time for me to let go of some more limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings or players on my stage of life to which I am overly attached.

What is your recurrent dream?

Have you taken time to examine it, or have you in fear or avoidance pushed it out of your consciousness.

 “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate”  - Jung

Tip:  What we resist or deny does not go away. It is usually stored in the unconscious gathering more energy to clout us when we least expect it. Have you ever said, or have you ever done something, that caused you to say I don’t know what came over me. It wasn’t me; I would never do or say that in my right mind. Well it was you, the hidden you, the shadow you, that you push down, that you do not like.

Often what we experience as a nightmare, when examined under the clear light of day is a rich tapestry of information, if you want to know. Take a few minutes and face the nightmare, turn it inside out, therein you will find your gold. The darkness within will be transformed .It is a strong, nudge from your unconscious that something needs to be changed or corrected. .

Dreams are one way to understand the power of what you have stored in your unconscious .Other ways to access the  power house of your unconscious, as well as strategies and exercises, are given in “Love the Dark Side of Your Moon” on my website: