Autumn: Another Chance!

Life is full of transitions and as summer slides into autumn, once again, it is time to consider a shift or a course correction. Autumn may not be a dramatic threshold for change, but it provides an opportunity for a practical review of your life before the Holiday Season takes over; a time to reflect, to restock our shelves and pay attention to our inner selves. Of most importance, is the attitude you bring to the restocking. If you are mindful, this seasonal transition provides an opportunity to live in a more meaningful way with eyes wide open. If not mindful, autumn will find us picking up the pace in regards to school, games, hunting, parties, etc. often in a heedless and unfulfilling way.

If unaware, we become victims of time pressures, schedules and the stress of doing more and more in a hurried fashion. Time becomes a tyrant, stressors mount and quality of life diminishes. Each day becomes pretty much like every other day... Not paying attention, the calendar leaves flip over and our comings, goings, and doings accelerate into a blur.

So how can we create balance between the two tracks?

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