3 Rules You Must Break to Live a Life of Love, Passion and Joy

Do you notice when somebody ignores what is in their best interest, in order to keep the peace?  Do you see a pattern when someone you love puts their creativity on the back burner so as not to threaten a partner’s insecurity?

Do you have a blind spot when it comes to yourself?

Is that someone you?

Are you willing to betray others to be true to yourself?

Have you stopped to reflect and realize that some of the beliefs and rules that you live by are not yours?

Whose “second hand” rules are you living by?

Here are the 3 rules I am suggesting you break if you want a life of abundance. These are foundational rules that have to be broken, if we are going to get free enough to have a life of abundance. There is something in these rules that trip all of us up at some time in our life if we are not aware, and willing to do something about them.

Rule #1: Rebel against Other People’s: Second Hand” Rules

Rule # 2: Go Beyond the “American Dream.”

Rule # 3: Stop Trying to “Fit In”

"Is the life you're living the same as the life that wants to live in you?" - (Parker Palmer)

Do you wonder is this all there is?

Do you think you are as happy as you are going to get?

Do you find yourself repeating patterns in relationships that cause pain?

Are you lonely, or are you isolating?

Do you work hard but never seem to get ahead?

Do you stay in relationships that are toxic because someone else’s rule says ‘you made your bed now lie in it’?

Do you feel unworthy at times?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then you’re at the right place. It is never too late to go for more, to be happier.

Recently, a client told me that he liked a certain political candidate. “So! You know who you are going to vote for”? His reply startled me, “I said I liked him, but when it’s time to vote, I’ll probably do as I always do, vote with the rest. In our union we are generally pressured to vote as a block”.

Wow! This man is unhappy, somewhat depressed, bored in life, and continues to wonder why? Will he risk breaking just 1 rule, take the first step, the most important step, to free up from patterns that sabotage his happiness due to following other people’s rules?

Some pressures and rules are more subtle than mentioned above. At least the union worker was aware of what was asked of him and he had a choice.

Often the damaging conditioning, rules and beliefs that cause us problems in life were downloaded into us when we were children, and we don’t know that they are there, or what is there until we decide to find out. Being covert, they are often more dangerous, with power to harm, to prevent or steal happiness and joy. If, we like sheep, follow the trends or expectations of others, we cannot be happy. We need to ask, is this right for me? If it blocks my freedom and my growth, am I willing to be true to myself?

I want you to know; I have broken the 3 rules that you are been asked to examine and break. The 3 that you are being asked to break are foundational rules, and I shudder to think what my life would be like or who I would be today, if I had not broken them.

The free audio that I am offering you goes in depth regarding the necessity of breaking these 3 rules and why doing so is critical to having a life of abundance and happiness.

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