January 2017

Winter 2017 Newsletter

If Not Now: When?

“…Robert had filled the bathtub and settled the fish in it, in order to clean their tank. After he finished cleaning, he went to retrieve them and was astonished to find them huddled in a small area the size of their tank. There was nothing holding them back… so why wouldn’t they dart about freely? What had life in the tank done to their natural ability to swim? Instead of moving freely they went nowhere but into themselves...and stayed in a space that felt safe” (Life in the Tank: The Book of Awakening: Mark Nepo).

Stop for a minute. Does the above resonate…just a little? Not me you say.   Are you sure? Are you just a little bit stuck or stifled by some obstacle that has to do with the size of your tank/world? Do you keep it small and try hard to keep things the same?  Do your beliefs and behaviors give you an illusion of safety and security?

To what degree has life in your “tank” bound by rules and expectations of Churches, families, schools, and faulty beliefs impeded your natural ability to swim in the ocean of life?

I have devoted over 30 years as a Psychotherapist and writer encouraging you, as well as I, to come out, come out of the safe little tank and risk.  I know personally and professionally how hard it is to let go of comfortable and familiar things in order to risk moving towards the unknown.  See more at http://www.laurabyoung.com/.

Early losses and pervasive poverty steeped me in beliefs of scarcity, some glaringly obvious, while others being sly and subtle. There are still times when I have to pry my grasping little 8 year old fingers (now encased in a grown woman’s hands) one by one off something that needs to go, like old faulty beliefs and over attachment to stuff. Overtime, there is less fear, having learned how to have the fear and do it anyway, especially when it is time for an important ‘course correction’.

There will always be fears, but you can’t allow them to be obstacles to your success. My work shares with you all that I have learned about having a full life, overcoming whatever obstacles you are experiencing.  It doesn’t have to take a long time.

If you were consciously and unconsciously programmed to feel worthy of success, abundance and prosperity you’d already have it. The good news is that you can change whatever channel that you are operating on that keeps you from having what you really want.

Your heartfelt desires are powerful clues to what you really want. Desire is the energy of wanting, not wishing, a compelling drive to have a full and incredible life. Late at night when you are tossing and turning, what are your unfulfilled, ignored desires? It is not enough for us to affirm what we want, we have to acquire the knowledge or the practical know how and go in the direction of fulfillment.

What I know for sure is that the most serious obstruction to increasing the size of your tank or in other words being able to manifest the life you desire, is to know what faulty beliefs are deep within and how to change them.

Do not allow discouragement, doubt and fear to creep in no matter what your experience have been. Any one of these three moods will pull you into denser energy, complicating an already negative situation.

Pay close attention to your Desires, the force that sets energy in motion.

Know that while you are human there will be fear. Fear is an obstacle by which the current is stopped or completely reversed (turned away from us)

Doubt; at best muddies the waters, Doubt is that place we go to when we have an inner glitch that delays and creates a  feeling of lacking worthiness when it comes to attaining what we truly desire

If Not Now!  When?

Make 2017, be the year that you expand the size of your Tank/Life

Blessings, Laura

P S. Coming Soon: my new work titled “Manifest an Incredible Life” It is much more than you think “If you were consciously and unconsciously programmed to feel worthy of success, abundance and prosperity you’d already have it …The good news is that I can help you make the ‘course correction’ needed to have it.                My work gets to the heart of uncovering, and changing faulty beliefs about: Money, Weight, Health, Religion, Failure, Family etc.

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